From the bidding process on through to completion, Kembic clearly sets out an approach to building that affords the client competitive pricing as well as cost effective solutions where needed, in order to ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget. Because each project has its own unique challenges, Kembic has the capability to foresee potential obstacles, as well as the ability to quickly respond in decision making processes thus adding efficiency to the management of each project, and fulfilling the changing needs of the client. We at Kembic believe that the key to successful construction management is achieved when the architect, client, and contractor approach each project as partners with a shared confidence.

Since its inception in 1984, Kembic Construction has established itself among the best of the small company builders. We are a family owned, fully bondable business, that is backed by a total of forty-eight years of experience in the areas of commercial, industrial and institutional construction. Kembic has gained a reputation through our accomplishments in diverse projects ranging from restaurants, retail establishments and car dealerships to schools, family shelters, co-op housing, mental health centers, and we're especially recognized for our expertise and craftsmanship at church construction.

We provide services to our clients that include building from the ground up, to the more detailed requirements of renovations and retrofitting.

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